Thursday, August 24, 2006


San Bain uu from Mongolia

Girlclumsy and I are back from the Ger-camp experience. Wow! Mongolia is a beautiful vibrant country and i can rcommend it to anyone that loves the outdoors

We lived in Ger camps (a big nomadic tent)

We rode mongolian horses (badly.. i called my brian)

we drank fermented mare milk and a zillion other milk based products

We walked many kilometres to buddhist temples through beautiful mountainous hills

We drank vodka until i was very messily ill... and had a great time :)

more later.. time is short until the train!


P.s Belated Happy Birthday to my sister Jacky!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Just need to know Did the wall keep all the rabbits out of china thanks to nassy goring hee hee enjoy silvy