Monday, July 28, 2008

Why it sucks to be you

Harsh words in the title of this blog, eh?

Yet, it is true.

You may think everything is going swimmingly but it still sucks to be you.

You may have recently fallen in love.
You may have be given a big fat promotion at work.
You may have paid off your house.
You may have booked your world wide holiday.
You may have bought a puppy.
You may have discovered you are pregnant.
You may have gotten the tests back and it IS just a mole.
You may have finally gotten the accident insurance money.
You may have driven home in your new Bugatti Veyron.
You may have been elected in a massive voter landslide.
You may have completed your tertiary education with excellent marks.
You may have eaten the best sandwich in your entire life

...but it still sucks to be you..

... For you see... If you at not one of the audience at the Royal Shakespeare Company's version of Hamlet at the Courtyard Theatre tomorrow then it sucks to be you.

Starring an excellent cast, such as Patrick Stewart as Claudius and David Tennant as The Dane, this is going to be one of the best nights of theatre I have ever been a part of.

We have all done pretty amazing things in our lives, I am sure...

...But if you are not in the crowd tonight at Stratford-Upon-Avon...

...well... its sucks to be you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Doctor and The Wah

Greetings from sunny Glasgow!

I could write a blog post about Scotland and England fighting for hundreds of years.

I could write a blog post about the thousands of historical sites scattered across this tiny country.

I could write a blog post about my sister and my brother-in-law

Buuuuuut... this blog is about something REEEEEALLY important.

The TARDIS on Buchanan Street in the centre of Glasgow!

I'll always be here to keep you up to date with the important items from around the U.K!

Keep an eye on Girlclumsy's blog for more videos!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

You have to travel the world to meet your neighbour

Mljet (Milyet) is a charming little coastal town on the Adriatic sea. We are anchored here tonight to taste the local Pivo (beer) and listen to our captain and crew play Croatian songs.

It has been an amazing couple of days here on the Tarin.

The Captain of the Tarin (also a fabulous accordian player) owns her as well. He spends his time in around the Dalmatian Coast for the summer working with Busabout hauling tourists (mainly Australians) around. In the winter he works his way north taking German/Austrian tourists around the north Adriatic... it is an amazing life.

But I am not here to talk about the amazing holiday in which I find myself... great thought it is ;)

What I do want to talk to about is the people you meet when on holidays.

I used to live in Bowen. 200 km north of Mackay and 200 km south of Townsville FNQ (Far North Queensland). Tonight my sister and I discovered two Bowen boys on the boat moored next to ours.

We couldn't believe it! They lived in the same shitty town about 10 years after we left it! In all my years of travel I have never met another Bowenite. It gets stranger still. These two lads lived in 54 Whitsunday St. (Go Google Earth it.. i can wait). I used to live across the the road in 51 Whitsunday St! They have played in the house I grew up in! Weeeeeeird! They have had Mr Shields as a teacher! He was my (and their) science teacher. Mr Shields is the reason I want to be a science teacher. The fact he is still alive and teaching blew my mind...

Anyhoo.. It is amazing how far you have to run to hear stories about a place you used to call home.
Enjoy the picture of the Croatian Flag and the wonderful Adriatic Sea. It will be hard to leave this lovely place.

So much horror in the recent past quickly washed away...

For videos of what we have been up to go to GirlClumsy's website. Shenanigans a-go-go!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome to Wah Town

Greetings from Croatia...

sorry about the lack of posts but internet access has been few and far between.. and the small towns dotting the Adriatic have limited free wi-fi! (What is this.. early 2002?!??!)

Our Dalmatian Coast trip has been amazing. Great weather, great boat, fantastic food.. this trip has had it all. We have been onboard for three days and it has been a blur of swimming, eating, sleeping and drinking into the wee hours of the very short Croatian summer nights.

What can i say about Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast? It reminds me of the Greek Cyclades. These islands have everything the greek islands have except they havent quite worked out how to screw you for every Kuna. Where the greek islands where cock a block with tourists with nary a greek accent to be heard, every second person walking the quaint marbled backstreets is a native Croatian. These island towns are great places to relax and unwind and have fun.

As I type this I am sitting on the Riva of Hvar Town on the island of Hvar. Hvar is pronounced H-Wah... ya gotta love that ;) World Wide Wah indeed! It is a very odd feeling to sit in a very old school style marble dock watching the revelers move from bar to bar with a laptop on you knee. A blend of the old and new that i find rather delicious.

Our ship is the 'Tarin'. It is a lovely old refurbished ship. Girlclumsy and I have what can be called a stateroom at the bow of the ship. Hot running water and a comfy bed.. all is well in Wah Town. 'll post pictures as soon as i download them from the camera. If you can't wait then head on over to GirlClumsy's blog to see some great videos of our trip so far.

It is after midnight and the town is still pumping. Must run!

This is Wah Town... you are just visiting here :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fat and Sassy in Brunei

The couple of day stop in Brunei was a very interesting experience. We wee treated like the Sultan himself by the good people at Good Miles tours. Girlclumsy had talked them at 4BC when they came to promote Brunei a few weeks ago and they gave us the 'inspection tour'. This meant they pretended we were travel agents coming from overseas to check out their operation. In short this meant we went on tours to a water village, saw iguana and proboscus monkeys and are entirely for free! We felt like class traitors! GC and I see ourselves as rather daring backpackers poking our noses into the world's nook and crannies. In Brunei we became fat and sassy overlords being carted around in airconditioned comfort... and yes I could become use to it ;).

Brunei relies 95% on it's oil production and sales. It is a very rich nation. The sultan is one of the richest people in the world but unlike most rich rulers he does give a lot back to his people. Free education, health care, electricity, water, low interest loans for houses.. the list goes on. This guy is what i could call a Benevolent Dictator. Look, it isn't all bells and whistles but it is pretty good for the people in this country. Crime is incredibly low here.. and it isn't because of draconian laws and punishments.. as if that works anyway. It is because the people do not have to worry about whether they have a place to sleep and food to eat. If you have the basics for survival you don't need to rob some pasty white tourist. Something for our 'Screw-you-Jack-I'm-alright' mentality to think about.

The most amazing sight was the '29th' Mosque. Built by the current sultan (The 29th sultan of the one family since the 1300's) it is the second biggest mosque in the world.

Unlike Morocco, we were allowed to entire this mosque. It was a beautiful testament to the architectural cleverness of human beings. (heh.. if that isn't a comment from an atheist i don't know what is).

I can really really recommend Brunei as a day (or two day) stop when travelling from Australia. It reminds of Dubai before it went uber western. It is safe and moderately muslim. They don't care who you worship. In fact, while i was here I was offered alcohol by our hosts because 'Australians are big drinkers'... I was also offered 'other services' but I will say no more as this is a family rated site.

If you want to see other photos and videos of Brunei have a squiz at GirlClumsy's Blog.

The trip to London was easy. You sit, you watch movies, you eat, you sleep, you eat, you watch movies.. rinse and repeat.

We meet my sister and her husband today. Tomorrow it is off to Croatia!

Before I go I do have some sad news. Cassandra Puddleduck is no longer with us. Cassie was the family Irish Wolfhound who faithfully served our family for over a decade. She was gentle, kind and loving. A true lady. Her nick name was "Eileen' because she loved to lean against you.. and when a 60 kg Irish Wolfhound decides to lean on your leg you know about it. She was diagnosed with liver cancer 15 months ago and was given 1-3 months to live. She beat the odds for so long and was happy and healthy until a few days before she died. If you knew her then you know what a wonderful hound she was. I wish I had a picture I could put up here but I don't have any on the laptop. There is a movie called "The Truth about Cats and Dogs". I have no idea what the movie is about but someone once told me the truth about cats and dogs is that they die. I don't agree. I think the truth about cats and dogs is that they lived.


Here is a picture of the lovely Cassie. More human than most humans I know. I will be forever a part of her pack

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Travel makes the heart grow fonder

Tomorrow, Sunday 6th July, GirlClumsy and I set out on another of our world trekking trips. Nowhere near as ambitious as the last 6 month epic, this time we are away for 4 weeks. Well, I'm away for 4 weeks and GC is away for 5!

We are heading to Croatia to sail the Dalmatian Coast with my sister and my brother-in-law

We then scoot back to Scotland for a few days to recuperate.

Then its GC and me heading south attempting to see as many British heritage sights as we can. We have the excellent Great British Heritage pass and we intend to get out money's worth!

We stop at Stratford-Upon-Avon to visit Doctor Who.. um.. I mean see David Tennant in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet. I am very excited about this. GC is trying to get an interview with Mr Tennant... all professional and above board... honest!

Then we head back to London and I fly home to start semester two of uni but GirlClumsy wings her way back to Edinburgh to help the very talented Deborah Frances-White spruik her comedy show " "How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep With You" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

All in all.. it is going to be an amazing few weeks.

What can you do to fill your endless days while I am away ;) Well, read this blog or GirlClumsy's Better blog!

You must also go to this year's "Off the Cuff" Improvised Comedy Festival at the Powerhouse! Run by ImproMafia this event will show the talent of some of the funniest people from Brisbane, Australia and the World!

Book as early as possible to get seats for these shows. They are going to be amazing and I am very jealous I will not be in the country to perform in them!

So you have impro awesomeness to watch and a couple of blogs to read. GirlClumsy are taking a laptop on our trek this time so we should be able to keep you all updated as we travel. GC tells me that video blogs are the communication de jour.. we shall see!

Happy Trails to everyone...

My thoughts are with the people and the furry people who need them now