Monday, September 18, 2006

Snackpoint Charlie

Blasted into Berlin for an overnight stopover before Athens... it is cheaper to fly to Berlin, stay a night, feed and water two people and then fly to Athens than it is to fly directly from Riga to Athens.. wacky!

I last went to Berline about three years ago and I rememered how to navigate that city perfectly... i really liked Berlin last time and it was good to see it again.. especially with all the new constructions completed near the Reichstag. Holocaust memorial and all the funky walk/bikeways.

Went on a 4 hour bike tour following the 43 km track of the Berlin Wall... not enough time to discuss how awful that wall makes me feel... people can suck bigtime... but as an interesting turn of fate the plane flight gave me time to listen to my iPod and discover all sorts of goodies abut Thomas Paine and his book 'The Rights of Man'... people can rock bigtime :) Go out imediately and read what this guy has to say.. go now.. stop reading this drivel.. i'll wait

doobee doobee doooo

*twiddles thumbs*

*drinks a cola drink*

right... everyone up to speed? good! cool, hey!

As we went past Checkpoint Charlie, the infamous historical border crossing between the madness of East and West Berlin i saw a food court called 'Snack Point Charlie'... now is that tacky or what?!? It made me laugh out loud and snort in disgust at the same time.. Girlclumsy thought i was choking on my cola drink.. but seeing she is used to me choking with rage at the smallest provocation she left me to it.

Now... we are in Athens... oooo Athens! Ancient Stuff Akimbo! DRAINS... so many 2000 - 3000 year old drains! and ancient toilets! oooh yeah, baby!

There are so many americans here. I was wondering if the latest empire builders look at these old empire builder's monuments and see their own future? do they get the feeling that time is running out?

Gotta GO! Islands await! I got to bathe in the seas the gods used to bathe in.. which gods? the old ones... before they died (yay Equus!)

P.s TISM has to write a song called Stingray. it must be!


Anonymous said...

Hrrmm...*wry grin* at you being true to form with the snorting and rage with little provocation. But yeah, people suck. And then they rock. Yah for Mr Paine. Yah for the cradle of democracy. Enjoy its bounty. yankee doodle can even begin to imagine the demise of their not so great nation. Cheers. ana

RowAl said...

Of course, our American cousins Bright New World will last no longer than 300years before China says "OK Sport move over it's our turn"or whatever it is that Confucious say and, Oh Horror !! to be closely followed by India

By then I would imagine the Good Old Boys will have seceded into about 41 states of anarchy and will be blowing each other away A over T with weaponry bought,no doubt, from China or India
What Goes round Comes round but I, unfortunately will not be there to see it
"Oh say can you see...
"By the dawns early light...

The Wah said...

heh.. you said the same thing about Apartheid.. and see how quickly that all ended

Robert Anton Wilson says... The longer you can live the longer you will live.

smart man, old bob
all hail eris and her sexy protoplanet

Anonymous said...

Ah, enjoy the islands! Drink much wine, and don't get lost in ancient Crete sewers, looking for the King Squid! (I am suspicious that he is partying on there with the various horned entities).

St Steve has been buried, and publicly "celebrated", to the hoots of the crowd and much bad country music. My co-workers inflicted it on me, despite my protests. The poor, poor sod got sent off to the sounds of The Wiggles... ~Daria

Anonymous said...

i saw snack point charlie... same reaction.

also as i sat there looking at the wall, it was the same time they were putting up the palistine wall in israel....

the fiend
we never learn.