Thursday, October 12, 2006

SquidFinder General Reporting!

Greetings Squids!

I finally have proof of the Cephalopod Invasion! All members of the CRF (Calamari Resistance Front) and even the RFC (Resistance Front against Calamari.. splitters!) are ordered to stop whatever they are doing and pay attention to this report... many Bothans died getting us this information.

Seen above is the SAS (Squid Airborne Squad) practising their tightrope skills! They didn't realise that the Squidfinder General was so close and had a camera! This photo was taken on the greek island of Mykonos only a fortnight or so ago. These squid soldiers can be clearly seen rappeling down the mainstay of a boat ready to drop onto the deck and overpower the sailors on board. If it wasn't for my excellent hungry whale call impersonation (squids and whales are mortal enemies!) then the crew of the Good Ship Zorba would have been Squid Food!

To the right is the most disturbing photo of all!
The squids have already started infiltrating our numbers. They have taken human names, human women and started shore-line cafes on the greek island of Santorini! Blatantly taking photos of themselves and using it in their advertising campaigns! (Note - Evil Squid Cafe-Lord is on the left... Heroic SquidFinder General is on the right)

Squidy is becoming more and more bold!

We must maintain the never-ending vigil!


The Wah
SquidFinder General

P.s We have dumped all the photos from the trip so far here at THIS address. They have no captions and are in very rough chronological order. But feel free to troll through the madness


Anonymous said...

Greetings SquidFinder General.

News from the front is most welcome indeed.

And just taking the opportunity here to extend muchos happy birthday wishes to the devine Girl Clumsy.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Nat. what happened to the old fella not greg His dad?? his blog i mean enjoy Silvy

Anonymous said...

Hello, Greetings SquidFinder General.

Oh, the terrible news! Calamari Liberation Front will have to redouble it's efforts at containing the Invasion of The Squid! Even as we speak, the squids are starting an assault on the vegetable kingdom . But we shall prevail.

Happy Birthdays to Girl Clumsy! :)


Anonymous said...

Good word General

Keep your guard up because the human resistance is low

Sleepydumpling said...

Sir Squidfinder Sir!

The troops are rallying at your ready as we speak. The LHQ Division are unfortunately in the process of bugging out to a new camp right now, so they are not at their most battle ready at the moment, but I will ensure that all have been informed of this new and highly sensitive information that has come to light.

I need sleep!

Anonymous said...

I have been eating the squid and thinking the wah! Now that will but marzipan in your pie-plate bingo!

Onward invertebrate soldiers!

Anonymous said...

harumph. i got only terrapins on my trip...

the fiend
you lucky bastard...