Monday, January 08, 2007

Home again, Home again, Jiggedy-Jig-Jig!

Flew into Bris-Vegas early in the morning after a 15 hour flight. It is amazing how one becomes used to long haul flights. I was wedged in between a stranger on my right (who had nabbed the important window seat!) and Girlclumsy on my left. I thought i was going to have a problem being stuck in the middle but i was very zen about the whole situation (after having a minor freakout at Dubai airport).

Coming from a scottish winter into an australian summer has be kicking me around. Not the temperature, which has been very nice all things considering, but the sunlight. Right now in Glasgow the sun doesn't get up until after 8:30am (which is a sensible time to be up, if you ask me) and goes down about 4pm. This morning i was awoken by very loud and impolite australian birds screeching at each other about how great the day was... at 5am! By 7:30am the sun had risen higher in the sky than it ever does in scotland and seems to be intent on reaching the zenith as soon as possible. After many months away I am a stranger in a strange land.

Things look odd to me at the moment. 2L softdrink bottles are fat and round where in the U.K they are taller and slender. The trees have leaves on them. Australian birds are very impolite! The European birds seem to talk to each other in measured tones where aussie birds yell at top volume. I can hear in the background people out mowing their lawns (which are surprisingly green considering Brisbane is in the middle of level 4 water restrictions)

I have started moving all my stuff into the new flat. I am glad i turfed so much of my collected rubbish before i went away but after living from one backpack for 5 months i am appalled how much more rubbish i seem to have. One only needs a pair of shoes, a few pairs of underwear, a shirt or two and pair of good jeans... and a swiss army knife. Anything else is an extravagence!

I am back in Brisbane... i'll get back to the relative 'goodness' or 'badness'of this fact later ;)


Anonymous said...


ah who i am kidding - winter sucks! i want the sunshine! :-(

pleased for u that GC and urself have made it home safe after 7 years travelling -i know that feeling when u get home (and it will pass as nostalgia sets in)

u've had a hell of a trip and its been a pleasure:

until the next time homie...

peace out


WilliamWatch said...
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Kath said...

Ok, now you're home, you HAVE to turn this blog into a book. Brian Thacker can do it and he couldn't write to save his underpants from being hauled up his butt wedgie style, YOU can do it!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!
Good luck with setlling back in!

drjon said...

So, will you continue bloggerating now you're Home?