Monday, April 02, 2007

Smith and Jones

I don't blog unless I am travelling. I don't think the world needs more mundane drivel.

But I will blog for the greatest traveller of them all :)

Ladies and Gentlmen, Please be upstanding for the 3rd series of the new Doctor Who!. It has started in the U.K as of 31st of March and it is (on the words of his Ninth Regeneration)


You have to wonder about a show that can make a man in his early thirties 'Squeeee' with joy at the sight and sound of a old blue police box.

Watch it.. love it... The Tenth Doctor has found his stride and his new companion, Martha, looks like a fiesty new girl in the 900 year old time lords life


drjon said...

Martha is Teh SeX0r!

Should have been Sontarans, though.

The Wah said...

Yeah.. they were very Sontaran like, but the universe is a very big place and so many races look almost human. It is only fitting that other races look almost Sontaran as well ;)

I came to like Rose but found her initially annoying as hell. Martha i warmed to almost straight away.

But she has one quality exactly the same as Rose. They both have families I want to drown in a bucket. Can't one of his new companions have a family that are just, you know, average and not screaming, scrapping, scratching, screeching harpies? My family is a bit bonkers but they are nothing like the Jones or Tyler family.

Girl Clumsy said...

David Tennant makes me feel two very dissimilar things at the same time...

On the one hand I just want to pinch his cheeks and tousle his hair because he's just like a big kid.

The other hand wants to do something much less... wholesome.


But, um, yeah, that Martha was great!