Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Well... I'm home

The vehicle i came home in was a bit rickety but got me there eventually... (the pilot was a bit of a dummy)

I was in a fight with a couple of total Clankers...

but i did make a new man's best friend on the way...---

To be honest, I am not that keen on being back.. ah well

Girlclumsy is still out and about in Edinburgh and having more fun than all of us put together working for and performing at the Edinburgh Comedy Fringe Festival. Keep an eye out on what she's up to here


Anonymous said...

Welcome home sir.

I have the co-ordinates for The Horsehead Bebula.Your trusty Tardis could return you in time for graduation.
No one would even realise you and your companion had been gone....

And you have mail.


Anonymous said...

That is Nebula, sir.



The Wah said...

I've been to the Horsehead Bebula.. it is much nicer than the nebula.

The nebula is too well known and full of tourists drinking expensive cocktails next to the Diamond Seas.

I'm always up for a good Bebula

Anonymous said...

And, in the Bebula you can have a steak from a cow specially reared to supply the restaurant trade...
"I'll just go off and shoot myself, sir".....
And Imagine , just for the Wah, you could find a special organic cow made from tofu and soy bean extract

Crazy Cat Lady said...

Welcome home :)