Monday, July 28, 2008

Why it sucks to be you

Harsh words in the title of this blog, eh?

Yet, it is true.

You may think everything is going swimmingly but it still sucks to be you.

You may have recently fallen in love.
You may have be given a big fat promotion at work.
You may have paid off your house.
You may have booked your world wide holiday.
You may have bought a puppy.
You may have discovered you are pregnant.
You may have gotten the tests back and it IS just a mole.
You may have finally gotten the accident insurance money.
You may have driven home in your new Bugatti Veyron.
You may have been elected in a massive voter landslide.
You may have completed your tertiary education with excellent marks.
You may have eaten the best sandwich in your entire life

...but it still sucks to be you..

... For you see... If you at not one of the audience at the Royal Shakespeare Company's version of Hamlet at the Courtyard Theatre tomorrow then it sucks to be you.

Starring an excellent cast, such as Patrick Stewart as Claudius and David Tennant as The Dane, this is going to be one of the best nights of theatre I have ever been a part of.

We have all done pretty amazing things in our lives, I am sure...

...But if you are not in the crowd tonight at Stratford-Upon-Avon...

...well... its sucks to be you.


Anonymous said...

Top Gear says:
"Bugatti Veyron Pffft"
Askari A10
0 - 60...2.9 seconds
Lap time: 1min 27.2 (fastest on the board)
Street legal
Only 350,000GBP
Start saving today

Anonymous said...

Oh1 Great Improv Guru and Stage Director.
let me sit at your feet and learn the sound of one hand clapping
On a more serious note:
Great interview, it is good to see that even though you are becoming a teacher you can still "wing it" with aplomb
It was good to hear you
Love DaD

Anonymous said...

Wah what interview?

And DaD? Wah always wings it with aplomb. Sometimes a banana.


The Wah said...

I am the Carmen Miranda of 'Winging It'!

I will post the link to the radio interview here as I am slightly embarrassed about the title given to me by Spencer Howson on his morning ABC radio show.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh !!!
He tells us that He's all red faced and a bit of a tiz woz .....
But note,dear reader, he will still give you the link, just in case you missed it.