Monday, April 13, 2009

The True Story of Easter

I know it isn't politically correct to say so but it was a certain race that crucified Christ. This race has been around for a long time, they think of themselves as the most important people in the universe and they have big ... eyestalks (!?)

Yes, It was the Daleks who kicked off the whole Christian thingame.


Crazy Cat Lady said...


The Wah said...

Prove me wrong!


Anonymous said...

At last someone with the cojones to tell the truth.

But jeezum crow, Daleks are dumb.

You'd think they would've known about the rising from the dead thing....


Anonymous said...

There he goes again poking fun at il PaPa
Good heavens how can you say these things when PaPa has told the people of Sierra Leone that condoms don't help, in fact they cause the problem
Anyway how did the Daleks hammer in the nails ?