Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Spontaneous Camden

With only a few hours left in London I am looking over the buildings of Camden Town and seeing the top half of the London Eye the dome of St Paul's Cathedral and many other buildings that are instantly recognisable as London landmarks but as a filthy colonial i dont know their names. We have been staying with Deb and Tom from the Spontaneity Shop. Thees guys are professional improvisors.. ie they make their living doing Improvised theatre.. and only improvised theatre.. they dont have other jobs! In fact they even have an honest to god office and have hired two extra staff members! Bloody hell! Who says you cant make money out of impro?! We met them a few years ago when Deborah came to Brisbane and taught an impro class for us. It was really good to see how people in other countries do what you do especially in Brisbane where the impro gene-pool was (at the time) a little bit small and, frankly, stale. From then on we have kept in touch and everytime we come to London we like to meet up with Deborah and Tom and hang out.. and do impro workshops and have even done a few shows with them.. and we also have been lucky enough to stay in their lovely apartment in Camden. Sooo.. if you are ever in London and you want to some professional improvised theatre..or you want to learn from some of the best improvisors i have met then get along to a Spontaneity Shop show/workshop! (not that they need a plug from the likes of me :) )

Avenue Q was brilliant. With such inspired songs as 'Everyone is a little bit racist sometimes' and 'Shadenfreude' and the song made famous by internet geeks everywhere 'The Internet is for Porn'. It was funny and, quite unexpectedly, moving. It is amazing how connected you can become to a puppet.

Girlclumsy and I have had a relatively quiet time here in Camden. She has been in an impro show and done a workshop. I watched the impro show and didnt do the workshop because i havent been feeling the best... yes yes.. still run down and slightly icky. I decided it would be best to conserve my energy for Poland, Rome and a real honest-to-god scottish Hogmanay.

The weather here in London has been getting very cold overnight. I even wore my under-jacket for the first time two nights ago. It isnt the temperature that gets you but the bloody awful cold wind that seems to race down Camden Rd and right up my rain jacket.

Okay.. time for Buboe watch. The buboe under my right ear finally succumbed to my mutant healing factor and vanished (or maybe the alien young gestating there finally decided to leave home and get a job.. you decide which is more likely). That means it lasted for about a week and was a minor inconvenience. Unfortunately another one has developed on the left side, further down. Even for me that was getting beyond a joke, and i have been feeling run down and blechy for a few days, so (remembering all the golden positive experiences girlclumsy has had with the NHS EVERYTIME she has been sick over here.. and i do not mean that sarcastically, it has been good) i shlepped along to the soho walkin clinic to have my lump looked at. I was happy to be told that the wait would be 15 or so... and they kept their promise. Within 15 minutes i was seen by a nurse who... did nothing.. nothing at all. She merely went through all the details i had already written down on the entrance form and proceeded to tell me i would have to wait AT LEAST 2 hours for a another nurse who would try and see what the problem was but would probably not be able to administer anything useful (not being a doctor, i was told) and i would be referred to a doctor at a hospital not that nearby and god only knows how long i would have wait for her/him... So with a smile and a happy cry of 'Bollocks' i left that place never to return. Yes, i know i am ill, but it hasnt killed me yet and i keep hoping it is mumps related and will steralise me... Now, before Mater threatens me again with all sorts of horror :) i am not very ill, i promise. The new buboe is diminishing in size and my only other symptoms are a generallack of energy which she would remember from when i lived at home and she wanted me to vacuum the house :)

All in all we are well(ish) and ready to tackle the crazy party history town of Krakow!



Anonymous said...

yo dawg!

glad to hear the ear syphillis is clearing up - well sort of. i cant believe u have had good experiences with the NHS, then again, u do live on the other side of the world. the national retard service -or NHS for short- (yes, they are so dumb, they cant even get the initials right) is so unbelievably poor it is untrue -its level of competancy can only be rivaled by that of the 1939 polish national guard!!...

(u know, i was gonna be a doctor at one point but i failed my exam because when asked 'what would u administer to a patient suffering from amnesia?' i answered, 'it depends on how hot is she and if she had a private room' - but anyway, thats a whole other story).

am sure drinking your own body weight in scotch and beer and cocktails will sort out all ur medical issues - so liverpool awaits my friend!...

enjoy krakow (dont know alot about krakow but it does sound alot like "crack whore", which again, is something we'll see in liverpool)...

peace out


Anonymous said...

Reading about impro here, reminds me that some big props have been sent you by the unwashed masses these last couple of days. Is 'Bad Santa' here this year? Oh he's soooo talented....I just roll my eyes and think, here we go again..;). But you get the picture... :)

Sorry to hear you're still not running on six. But can't help a wry grin knowing it's not gonna stop you.

Anyhoos, am off to the back yard to dig up some sacks of coal....


ana x

Kath said...

Greetings Squidfinder General!

Get some ginger, beetroot or garlic into your diet to flush out the crap in your buboe. Will make it shrink quicker. That will be $50 for Auntie Kath's Down Home Remedy Service. You know my mailing address.

No news to report from BrisVegas Libraries. Except I'm going to see Nancy Pearl the Rockstar Librarian tomorrow at SLQ - can't wait.

Nothing squiddly happening, I keep my eye out for the spineless ones in your absence.

If I don't drop a message beforehand, have a decidedly silly Silly Season.


The Wah said...

Greetings Kath,

I have many many photos of the the evil squid enchroachment onto our hallowed shores!!! i will have to wait til after xmas (but before new year) to upload the evidence.

Kath said...

Ooh, you must have a squid eradication society meeting when you get back to share these many, many photos of squid encroachment. I'm sure I'm not the only squid squad member (ooh, squid squad - say that a few times) who will appreciate knowing their enemy better!

The Wah said...

I will make sure i download all the incriminating evidence onto groupwise.. but only the squid squad photos.. if dumped ALL the photos it would number over 3000!