Thursday, July 17, 2008

You have to travel the world to meet your neighbour

Mljet (Milyet) is a charming little coastal town on the Adriatic sea. We are anchored here tonight to taste the local Pivo (beer) and listen to our captain and crew play Croatian songs.

It has been an amazing couple of days here on the Tarin.

The Captain of the Tarin (also a fabulous accordian player) owns her as well. He spends his time in around the Dalmatian Coast for the summer working with Busabout hauling tourists (mainly Australians) around. In the winter he works his way north taking German/Austrian tourists around the north Adriatic... it is an amazing life.

But I am not here to talk about the amazing holiday in which I find myself... great thought it is ;)

What I do want to talk to about is the people you meet when on holidays.

I used to live in Bowen. 200 km north of Mackay and 200 km south of Townsville FNQ (Far North Queensland). Tonight my sister and I discovered two Bowen boys on the boat moored next to ours.

We couldn't believe it! They lived in the same shitty town about 10 years after we left it! In all my years of travel I have never met another Bowenite. It gets stranger still. These two lads lived in 54 Whitsunday St. (Go Google Earth it.. i can wait). I used to live across the the road in 51 Whitsunday St! They have played in the house I grew up in! Weeeeeeird! They have had Mr Shields as a teacher! He was my (and their) science teacher. Mr Shields is the reason I want to be a science teacher. The fact he is still alive and teaching blew my mind...

Anyhoo.. It is amazing how far you have to run to hear stories about a place you used to call home.
Enjoy the picture of the Croatian Flag and the wonderful Adriatic Sea. It will be hard to leave this lovely place.

So much horror in the recent past quickly washed away...

For videos of what we have been up to go to GirlClumsy's website. Shenanigans a-go-go!


Anonymous said...

Good morning sir,

I often think that I'd turn a street corner in Istanbul and there's you'd be. Hardly strange at all.

Glad you and the GC are having a great time.

As to the greeting, just practising for when you gradumacate. Happy days.


Allen said...

And, with a little luck the peacefull days will turn into years and millenia. It hasn't been a good time for any of them in the recent paast

Crazy Cat Lady said...

What a beautiful sunny day in your photos... so jealous!

Canada seems so long ago now!

I hope you're having a fantastic time :)

The Wah said...

Go to Croatia... now!
Stop reading immediately and make your way directly to the Adriatic.

It is like the Greek Islands but without all the Euro gouging.