Monday, July 13, 2009


The second series of "Prognosis: Death! - RELAPSE" has finished.

It was an amazing experience to have a role in this totally improvised medical, comedy, drama, science-fiction mash-up.

We had excellent houses every night. On the final night we broke 100! ... and splashed quite a few with our stage blood as well... Where else can you see real, fake medical procedures on stage?

Dr Burton Mangold operates on himself

What is especially gratifying, and a little bit spooky, is the level of fandom that has built up around the production. We sold 20 season passes (see all the six shows for only $45 or $30 if you were concession) and 40 merchandising badges. We had quite a few patrons watching the show dressed in medical costumes!

"Prognosis : Death!" is a fan favourite and I can reveal that the series 3 "Prognosis: Death! - PANDEMIC" will make an appearance at the Arts Theatre next year.

Prognosis: Death! - RELAPSE

Season 2

Episode 4 - "St Love: Action Comics No.1"

The St Love Family Nuclear Facility suffers a catas
trophic meltdown. However, due to the expertise and quick thinking of Dr Burton Mangold not one person dies. And all this before the starting credits! Unfortunately the local wildlife is irradiated, including the St Love Sloth. Dr Ludwig LeStrange is bitten by the isotopic sloths and begins an amazing transformation into Sloth-Man! With his steady brachiating powers and his powerful grip he begins to fight crime in St Love. Little did he know that greta power leads to great silliness. A worker at the nuclear facility was also irradiated. When he is merged with Hammy the Hamster he becomes "Hamster-Man" and vows revenge on St Love. Can Sloth-Man overcome the vaguely piss-poor plots of Hamster-Man? Will it take all day? How will the staff of St Love Hospital survive the slightly ineffectual assaults of Hamster-Man and his sidekick Guinea-Piggy?!

Episode 5 - "St Love and the Odyssessy"

When a ancient vase, covered in ancient greek homosexual erotic art, is delivered to Chief Medical SuperIntendent Harold Dean, little does he realise what horrors it contains. Nurse Lottie Buble, ignored by her paramour Dr Burton Mangold, is possessed (possession happens a lot at St Love Hospital) by the man-eating (literally) Siren that lives in the greek vase. Her murderous rampage throughout the hospital leaves a trail of blood, organs and lilting singing in her wake. Can the surviving members of the staff track down the Siren and rescue Buble's soul? Can love conquer all? Can we ever get the blood out of the back curtain at the theatre?

Dare you enter the labyrinth of the Gay Minotaur?

The Siren stalks the Earth again!

Episode 6 - "St Love the and the Cursed Gold of Quetzacoatl"

We discover that St Love was founded when Spanish Con
quistadors slaughtered a tribe of Aztecs during an ancient aztec mytical rite. The Spanish steal the Aztec's idol but not before they are cursed by the dying priest. What aztecs are doing in this part of the world... we have no idea.

Years later...

Dr Rik Cocksteady has returned to St Love and has become th
e Mayor. He knows about the aztec gold and wants it for his own. Putting his devilish plan in operation he shuts down the hospital and takes the aztec idol for his own. Little does he realise that the idol is cursed! Soon he falls to its power and his madness grows. Cocksteady goes on a murderous rampage throughout the hospital (these happen a lot at St Love hospital as well) and it is up to staff of St Love to stop him. Will the hospital re-open? Will the Curse of of Quetzacoatl be broken? Will Cocksteady get the gold he really wants... Mangold? ... and who is that mystery man hiding in the shadows and why does he look so much like Dr Burton Mangold?

Hell hath no fury like a Nurse, and a Doctor everyone always calls a Nurse, scorned

The Wedding of Dr Burton Mangold and Nurse Buble

Another season behind us and so many twists and turns in front of us. What does the future hold in store for the staff at St Love Hospital?

Cleanup needed in operating room three

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Anonymous said...

So tell me...
If it is to be called:
Prognosis Death... PANDEMIC
Are you going to get a supply of bedpans ? (PAN! get it ? huh ? huh?)
Just could make up a supply of brown blood
and play "Diarrhea another Day"
or "Gone with the Wind"
The Ancient Man

PS. just another someone could play Bottom in your version of
"A Mid Summers Night Dream"