Monday, July 06, 2009

Prognosis : Death! - RELAPSE!

It seems you can't keep a good hospital down. ImproMafia's Medical, Comedy, Soap Opera "Prognosis: Death" is back at the Brisbane Arts Theatre for it's second season (codenamed - RELAPSE!).

You can read the synopses of all Season One in earlier posts in this blog

The medical staff of St Love Hospital have to deal with many strange events.

Monsters, Tragedy and ... Love!
(and don't forget the buckets of blood sprayed onto the cast each night)

Prognosis : Death! - RELAPSE!
Season Two

Episode One - "St Love and the Visitors"

Dr Burton Mangold stands up
Nurse Lottie Buble at their wedding and vanishes to places unknown.

... months pass at St Love...

One night a strange light from the sky attracts Reverend Jeremy Thistlewaite to the St Love National Forest. He is possessed by an alien life form that wishes to turn all of St Love into a race of mind controlled slaves in fabulous headdresses. When all seems lost it is revealed that the man everyone thought was the St Love Lighthouse Keeper was none other than Dr Burton Mangold in a cunning disguise! Torn apart by their conflicting desires, Mangold, Buble and the rest of the St Love staff have to somehow come together to fight back the FABULOUS alien menace.

Nurse Buble learns the meaning of the expression "Splashback"

Episode Two - "St Love and the Phantom"
aka "The Phantom of the Operating Theatre"

Dr Melody Carmichael (Intern) had a difficult start to her career. At St Love Medical School her mentor was tragically crushed by a badly stacked pile of George Foreman Grills. Many years later at St Love Hospital rats erupt from the basement levels of the hospital and a strange disembodied voice is heard calling to Dr Melody Carmichael (Intern). Could this be her mutilated mentor back from the dead looking for revenge? Who will the Phantom kill to gain his revenge? Can the Staff of St Love stop his mad schemes.. and is the mirror-ball in the St Love Dance Hall about to come smashing to the ground?

The Phantom of the Operating Theatre

Episode Three - "St Love and the Voodoo Curse"

Reverend Jeremy Thistewaite is struck down by a strange Voodoo curse and falls into a coma. He is replaced by the sensual latino Reverend Casanova Lovechild, The sexiest priest from St Love's Latin Quarter. Dr Melody Carmichael and Dr Ludwig LeStrange, one by one, fall to the voodoo curse becoming lust filled marionettes. Can all this evil voodoo be blamed on Reverend Casanova Lovechild? Why has Chief Medical Superintendent Harold Dean been seen with a creepy nun puppet that talks in a voice not his own? Can even Dr Burton Mangold, the best damn doctor in all of St Love, stop this VooDoo threat?

Feel the sultry, sweaty, smoky and sexy power of Reverend Casanova Lovechild, the sexiest priest from St Love's Latin Quarter

The first three episodes of "Prognosis: Death - RELAPSE" have been a hoot and a half. If you missed any of these shows, don't be disheartened! There are three more shows you can see.

Every night is improvised, so every storyline is fresh and new based on suggestions from you the audience.

This season we are offering personalised hospital ID bad
ges for sale at the show. Created by Dan Beeston ( these badges will make you one of the staff of St Love Hospital.

Personalised St Love Hospital ID Badge

For more information go to or

Welcome to St Love Hospital "You'll lose your mind, your heart.. and possibly your kidneys"

The Staff of St Love Hospital

All the photos were taken by St Love Hospital's resident musician, Kris Anderson or his wife, Wanda. Check out Kris' amazing impro-musical blog at


Girl Clumsy said...

You know, I read these and laugh, and think "God that would be funny to watch."

And then I remember I'm IN them, and get a warm and glowing feeling.

I know it sounds self-indulgent, but geez I love this show, and I don't care who knows it.

Bring on Week 2!

Anonymous said...

The warm and glowing feeling you were experiencing was a surfeit of Blood
The Wah is getting very accurate
The Ancient Man

Anonymous said...

And now the end is near
and so you face the final curtain..
(with apologies to Frank Sinatra)
This series has been good with the usual cuts and twists
Lotte on her unicycle was a sight to relish. You could almost see the wheel flashing in the light.
Burton Mangold has gone from Cad to Bounder as the series moved on and was rewarded appropriatley by the audiences with great Hissing and Booing
Medical Superintendent Harold Dean went from Adminstrator to Hero and back once he realised he was on to a good thing with Melody once Dr LeStrange became a hero.
Ah LeStrange what more can one say, Le Stranger and LeStranger
Rev. Thistlethwaite has had a very bad time throughout and, as usual, played it to the hilt
Will The Rev Casanova Lovechild make a cameo appearance on the last night I do hope so I would love to see him and Jeremy battle it out for the collection plate
All in all going like a trip hammer with a total blast expected for the fainale on Saturday
The Ancient Man